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     Updated 28th December 2019, Cairo - Egypt
Circular Knitting Machines 

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The new Circuilar machine is said to offer pattern variety for Circular machines.




Weft knitting is a process of fabric manufacturing from a strand of yarn. In this knitting process two types of machines are used circular knitting machine & flat bed knitting machine. A knitted fabric is formed from stitches through loops. The stitch is the fundamental element of all the knitted fabrics. A knitting machine is a device using mechanical movements,guided by cam elements to inforce yarn to produce knitted fabrics which are consist of loop structures called stitches.


.The construction of knitted fabrics quality is defined by the no. of stitches per wide_inch. Machines may range from high-production, limited-capability models to versatile, multi-purpose models having extensive patterning capabilities. The more complex the structure being knitted, the lower the knitting speed and efficiency.


Progress of the knitting machines would be from manual powered and automaticly power driven machines may be fully automatically-programmed and controlled by a computer system. Electronic jacquard circular knitting machine is one of the powers driven fully automatic computerized machines.Knitted fabric of better physical properties can be achieved by this new technology.




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