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  With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, we've built a business with a solid foundation that meets the needs of our customers. We remain customer-focused, and will continue to invest in order to offer the best level of service and technical expertise possible for our customers.

 We focus on our customers needs for fabrics that perform in demanding applications and strive to deliver a best-in-class approach.

It is this approach that has made STITCH SOSA the success in our industry - we are specialists at what we do.

 In addition, we are able to complete a full fabric analysis to identify the yarn types, knitting construction, treatments and coatings of fabric samples in order to reverse engineer like-for-like equivalents – or design improved alternatives.

 We have successfully offered many of our customers, improvements against their existing fabrics, which have subsequently raised performance levels, eliminated specific problems and/or offered cost benefits.

 We operate to quality standards throughout, giving you peace of mind that our fabrics analyses are manufactured to consistently meet your exact technical specifications. We are independently audited with full traceability from individual yarns right through to finished fabric pieces.

 Identification and corrective action of any potential defends as early as possible in the manufacturing process helps us to maintain a consistently high level of quality, while ensuring minimal waste. At every stage throughout the manufacturing process, we rigorously check and inspect the fabrics to ensure that we maintain the highest possible analysis quality standards.

It is this dedication to quality and performance which has helped to establish the STITCH SOSA name as leading the industry as specialists in knitting field.
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Who we are...?

Thank you for visiting our website!

We are  Stitch Development Studio ( So.Sabbah ). The design and technology team are developers for all applications from electronic Knit patterning all the way to knit production data.

If you are looking for magnificent fabric designs!, which you can produce them on Warp and Weft Knitting Machines!!!.
If so, you will certain to find them in our website...!

Our website does a marvelous job of exposing the strategy of  knit graphics systems. you will find all you need here: from simple lapping to high level patterns.

Knit engineering earlier problems are solved by new technology, provided by mechatronics devlopment in manufacturing engineering system (FMS), involving computer controlled knitting machines. By using PIC (programmable interface controller) PICMicro chips from Microchip Technologyies makes it easy to store and run patterns programs. So, faster speed and lower cost for images processing achived. PLC (programmable logic controller) comes to be the newer technology. 

This site was inspired by the happy memory of experience from home maual machines to factories high level ones. It is filled with examples. This site is what I wish I had when I started to knit work.

We have our private stitch software programs including: Circular,Warp and Raschel Knit patterns to achive perfect designs for your factories.

We provide absolutely no warranty for any information provided.
We shall not be liable for any claim, damages, or any other liability arising from, out of, or in connection with the information in this site.

Design Team
Yarn Properties and Quality
Knitting Stitch Structures
Knitting Machines
Knitting Fabrics
Quality Control
Finishing Processes
Packing and Labeling
Knitting structures:

The number of knitting structures that can be produced is practicaly unlimited.  In this site basic structures, from which all other knitting structures are developed, are discussed. Also briefly referred to  structural changes which can affect the physical properties of fabrics. Most two-dimensional knitting technical fabrics are constructed from simple knitting and of these at least 90% use plain knitting.
Fabric construction

We can explain the binding technology using a sample of tricot lapping as a basic ground structure which is formed into knitted stitches. A laid in threads are held between stitches faces and their under-laps.

deal Fabrics are technical stable binding (interlacing) threads each to other. This can be gained by choose suitable knit structures.
Stitches and Loops:
Learning how to be a knit master is so simple. But getting to that point requires a little practice and effort, and you must know the fundamentals of how gears , cams and links,... work.

Needle loops and sinker loops are bonded to each other by

several ways such as:

stitches, tuck loops, miss-laps, inlay-laps,....etc.

  About the author
 Eng.\ Sobbhy Sabbah
Holder of  B.SC.ENG., Cairo University 1968.
Mechanical Engineer.
Member Of Engineering Syndicate of Egypt.

Working in Knitting Fields,  Since 1968.

Egypt Air-Force, as an officer for spare parts control and coding department for 5 years.

Textile,Clothing and Fashion industry-Planning and Production for 2 years.

Certificate from Karl Mayer Germany:
Theory of Knitting machines
and fabrics designs - Practical, and Academic Study - 1976.

Thanks to Karl Mayer Who,
Certifies That The Author Can
Edit Books About Them and
Has All Rights to Copy Data
From their Documents and  Catalogues.

Visit to Schinasi International Textile Machines Development champers in France (2015 and 2016).
Member of Shoura Council of Egypt(1980-1983).
Fortran, Visual Studio , Web , C , C++ , Basic And Pascal Programming Developer Engineer

Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing Developer Engineer.

PLC-Programming Logic Controller, Theory and Appllications.
DonBosco Technical Institute, Lab and theory of Lath Turning coursework , With general grade: Excellent.


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