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Ideal Fabrics are technically stable binding (interlacing) threads each to other. This can be gained by choose suitable knit structures.
Fabric construction

We can explain the binding technology using a sample of tricot lapping as a basic ground structure which is formed into knitted stitches. A laid in threads are held between stitches faces and their under-laps.
Piller Lapping (Chain Stitching)

There are a closed and open piller Lappings.The Over-lap is carried over one same needle.So it produce a wall of chain stitches but not a plain fabric. We can obtain a plain fabric by inserting a weft in-layes yarns crossing under or upper the piller laps acording to the design .

Piller lapping  errors:
Due to carrying the overlaps on one same needle. The under-laps will not be hold and controlled by sinker noses. When the needles rise up, the old loops also will rise up and still catched inside the needles hooks. The new yarn and the old loops will be casted off together.
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